Session Musician

Proficient in electric bass, double bass, drums, guitar and vocals; I perform and record with a number of artists.

I offer remote recording on all of the above. Get in touch to discuss your project!



Video Links

(Bass, Recording, Mixing) Amahla-

(Drums) Alex Bayly- ‘Jamie’ (Margos Living Room) –

(Double Bass) Soulgem Jazz Band Showreel

(Bass) Roundhouse Rising Live: JAZZ REFRESHED – OCELOT

(Drums)  Alex Bayly- I’ll Never Leave You Live

(Guitar) Jai Blue – 18  (acoustic)

(Guitar) Alex Bayly – Ordinary World cover

(Double Bass) El Pea Live at Bentham:

(Double Bass, BV, Tamb) Alex Bayly- New America @ St Edith Folk

(Bass/Percussion) Roundhouse Music Collective – On Mass at The Roundhouse:

(Cajon) Laura Victoria – Live session:


Selected Discography

(Bass) Amahla – Have Mercy

(Drums, Double Bass) Edward Cross- Solace
(Bass) Will Charles – Black Water Beat Live (at The Albany)

(Drums) Alex Bayly – Distance

(Bass) GAIKA – Treaties (short film)

(Double Bass) El Pea – What You’re Feeling Now:

(Bass) Fat Bag of Flowers – Fat Bag of Flowers:

(Bass) Garden Party – Real Tapes:

(Bass) Garden Party – Balcony Level:

(Drums, Bass, Lead Guitar) Rhys Bury – Banged Up Box Room:

(Bass) Cat Brooks – Introverse (CD only):

(Double Bass) Steve Degutis – Moving In Circles:

(Electric/Acoustic Bass, some Drums) Surya Cooper – Mischief (CD only)